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We help you launch and build your software- & tech business ideas.
Since 2018 we build custom software loved and used by thousand of people.

We pave the path to your dream application.

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Yes, We Engineer the Wow Factor

Digital innovation is more than our expertise; it's our driving force. Our proficiency spans app development, software engineering, and UI/UX design, ensuring a fluid and intuitive experience for the end-user across the digital spectrum.

Whether you seek comprehensive project lifecycle management or specialized support for specific challenges, our commitment is to deliver bespoke services that precisely meet your needs, ensuring your project's success from inception to completion.

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App Development

We possess expertise in the realms of Android and iOS development, demonstrating proficiency not only in Java, Kotlin, and Swift, but mastery over them.

Our endeavors yield refined, harmonized applications crafted from a solid and well tested codebase. Within the mobile domain, we transcend the mere role of developers; we are adept digital artisans, seamlessly melding technology and creativity to craft extraordinary digital marvels.

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Optimized Web-Backends for Apps

Our backends are engineered for efficiency and intelligence. Through our custom solutions, we ensure its optimized for peak performance.

Our approach combines advanced engineering practices with the latest technology, for scalable, secure products tailored to your business and user needs.

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Modern UI/UX Workflows

Sure, we make things pretty, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Crafting user experiences that stick requires a blend of psychic intuition, and a deep empathy for the user's plight.

It's part art, part science, and all about making sure the user's journey feels like a walk in a very well-designed park.

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App Store Management

Successfully launching an app on the App Store demands mastery of Apple's guidelines.

We expertly navigate these rules, ensuring your app exceeds standards and maintains a competitive edge through proactive management and continuous updates.

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Database & Content-Management

In the digital realm, robust databases and sleek CMS are key—we're the experts. We craft sophisticated backends with elegant Admin UIs and integrate top CMS systems like Strapi and Contentful.

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Realtime-Data & Media-Streaming

When your app requires real-time data and media streaming, our expertise in WebSockets, WebRTC, and HLS ensures seamless performance. We deliver instant data exchange and high-quality streaming, executed with precision.

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Maps Integration

We specialize in advanced map integration for city and logistics apps. Our tailored solutions offer dynamic, interactive maps that create personalized, engaging navigation experiences.

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Payment Services Integration

In today’s digital marketplace, secure payment systems is pivotal. We specialize in incorporating trusted platforms, enabling users to execute one-time payments or manage subscriptions with ease.

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AR/VR Integration

Since ARKit's 2017 launch, we've led the XR field, creating everything from AR adventures to VR simulations. Our AR/VR expertise make virtual interactions as tangible as those in the physical world.

Our expertise spans custom solutions across industries, from education to logistics. Using cutting-edge technology, we provide seamless, future-ready experiences tailored to unique client needs, driving digital innovation since 2018.

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Modern UI/UX

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Precision in the Process
How we work.

Structure is everything” - Old german quote

At Smart Elephant Apps, we emphasize German precision and structure in our development approach. This ensures our software exceeds industry standards for trust and reliability.

Expect a blend of German engineering and modern digital solutions, guaranteeing top quality and precision in every project.


Scope & Investigation
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Analyzing Solution
  • Concept-Creation
  • Tech-Stack Investigation
  • Software Architecture Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Database-Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Figma Prototyping
Agile Development
  • Agile Workflow with Scrum
  • Modern App-Development Practices
  • Unit- & Integration-Testing
  • E2E-Testing
  • CI/CD Setup
Quality Assurance
  • Detailed Review Process
  • Automated Tests
  • Manual Tests with
    • Apple TestFlight
    • Google Play Console
Deployment & Maintenance
  • Apple App Store Management
  • Google Play Management
  • Software-Updates

Happy Clients


Successful Projects

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Success Stories.

Hessian Government

Biebrich bewegt App

Compact, well-organized and easy to use: with the new Biebrich bewegt app, you can now easily explore our neighborhood on your smartphone. Including tips and information about events, restaurants, retail and much more. Everything that makes Biebrich special.

3.500 Daily Users

100 Ratings 4.5 of 5 Stars

Apple Charts #25 in Germany

Highly optimized server Backend for 70.000 Users

Simple to use Web Admin Backend

Maps, Deeplinking & Offline Capabilitites

Web Admin \ Dashboard

Center of applied Space Technology and Microgravity

GraviTower Bremen Pro AR App

Discover the GraviTower Bremen Pro tower with augmented reality. Conduct the gravity research experiments of the ZARMS in your mobile gravity laboratory.

AR Gravity Experiment

Educational Content System

Video-Player Integration

Ambient Sound & Spatial 3D Audio

Vodafone Germany

AR Vodafone Campaign

In 2020, we implemented an interactive campaign for a rate plan in AR for Vodafone. AR image recognition was used to launch an interactive AR app on a campaign leaflet.

AR Image Detection

3D Graphics Engine Integration

Video-Player Integration

Our proud clients

  • Hessian Goverment Logo
  • Smart City Wiesbaden Logo
  • Hessen Digital Logo
  • SPIRIA Montreal Logo
  • Hays AG Logo
  • Divakom Logo
  • Centre of applied space technology and sciene Logo