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Software is a generic term for executable programs and their associated data. Software creation and development is our craft and our passion, which we realize with optimal-solving passion, iterative mathematical creativity, efficient algorithms and fun in finding solutions. So far it has not been proven that anything in mathematics is difficult: solutions to complex problems are what we excel at.

Development of software requires not only proficiency in multiple programming languages with profound knowledge & understanding of the associated technologies, but also combinatorics and skillful use of these technologies, which requires special creativity and ingenuity.

("Now it gets tricky, you have to use imaginary numbers, like twelveteen." Calvin & Hobbes)

We work according to the "shortest path between all nodes" principle - simply expressed also.

"G= (V,E,c)whereV={1,...,n}andE⊆{(v,w)|1≤v,w≤n,v6=w}.c:E→R∪{+∞}".

For you, this means that we finish your request customized on time and on budget!

in WebGL

Completely Interactive: The Huawei Nova 5T realized in interactive 3D.


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What We Do

Our substructures of optimal solutions in a nutshell.

We code


First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.
We program for all platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS).
For you this means: You get everything from Web-Apps to complex Desktop-Apps with or without database connections and as customized solutions!

WebGL & 3D-Apps

AR, VR, MR, XR, 360, 3D, interactive or non-interactive.
As a full-service app agency, we find the right technology for your app project, and develop specialized applications for you in the field of 3D: for your "stand-out" staged products - as mobile app, product configuators or other applications.


...is relatively fast and cost-effective feasible for us: We develop custom apps for iOS and Android to bring your applications to the world of smartphones.

With us, you will find everything from a single source: detailed, individual consulting before the start of the project, transparent development processes, UI/UX design and development, with software tailored to your business requirements.



You wanted algebra, now don't mock the afflicted.. (Jules Verne)
Since requirements, performance, storage and backup options as well as automation possibilities vary with each request, our team specializes in efficiently determining the required form of presentation and producing it for you!

UI/UX Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works“ (Steve Jobs) Good desing means good business - good products need good UI/UX design! Therefore, our focus is on the intelligent design & programming of distinct, frustration-free and intuitive products, interactive interfaces and interaction concepts; with analysis, creation and optimization of the user experience - for an outstanding positive user experience!



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